Players Guidelines

Available Character Types

  1. Pure Strain Human
  2. Mutant
  3. Mutant Animal
  4. Mutant Plant (from 4th edition GW)

Die Rolling Conventions

  1. Roll 4d6 and drop the low die for each characteristic.
  2. Place the results in any order you like.

Pure Strain Humans get a +3 bonus to their Charisma.

Why Play a Pure Strain Human?

The Pure Strain Human is a direct descendant of pre-2322 stock. PSH characters with proper identification will always be recognized by pre-2322 robotic units, and by the same token, can pass security checks that would block most mutants. For this reason, many of the surviving Pure Strain Humans live in or near the ruins of ancient cities, and most are familiar, at least to some degree, with the technological functions occurring within the ruins. This knowledge generates a combination fear/awe/respect in the mutated characters of GAMMA WORLD, which in turn leads to another advantage for the PSH: heightened charisma. All PSH characters automatically receive a bonus of three points to their dice roll for charisma (but remember that the total cannot exceed 18).

Mutant Animals
Make sure you note at chargen whether you’re playing a “normal” animal or a humanoid animal- each type can receive bonus abilities depending on which type you choose. For example a turtle can gain an ability (or abilities) different from a humanoid turtle. These bonus abilities are provided by the GM (Me) only. Note that they are inherent abilities, not new mutations.

Players Guidelines

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