House Rules

PSH Rules

  1. A human can make a one-for-one point swap between STR and INT, in either direction. The upper limit is 18, but you can lower either score as far as you like. It’s your funeral, after all.
  2. PSH creation is as per first edition rules, unmodified. That means no extra dice, no bonuses. Pure Strain Humans, however, do have some advantages unique to them. See below and the Players Guidelines for more.
  3. The way I see it, Pure Strain Humans couldn’t survive the Black Years without being able to defend themselves without weapons. So, to compensate for that, some societies instituted a system of unarmed combat. Here, courtesy of Khouni (with a couple of very minor tweaks from me), is a system for PSH players to use (which may change as it hasn’t been field tested yet):
    1. Characters initially do 1d4 damage.
    2. For every five points of Physical Strength above 10, the damage die is increased by one category (4, 6, 8) up to a maximum of d10.
    3. If an enemy is wearing armour, your damage is lowered by one category. A d4 is lowered to d4-1.
    4. Unarmed combat uses Physical Attack Matrix I. (But what is the Weapon Class of hands & feet?)
    5. A natural 20 means the enemy was struck in a critical area, taking double damage.
    6. There should be a minimum for both PS and DX. Not just anybody should be able to do this, right?

Mutant Plants

  1. Players wanting to play mutated vegetation can use the character creation rules for plants in Gamma World 4th edition.

House Rules

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