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  • House Rules

    h4. PSH Rules # A human can make a one-for-one point swap between STR and INT, in either direction. The upper limit is 18, but you can lower either score as far as you like. It's your funeral, after all. # PSH creation is as per first edition rules, …

  • Cormac von Squawk

    A noble knight from the lands of Squawk, seeking to restore his lost honour by battling the forces of evil in the land of the wicked.

  • Tommy of Stinkin

    Origin: Village of Stinkin, County of Funkin, Land of Ka Description: Speech, capable of walking upright, opposable thumbs, claws, thick brown/white fur, always hungry. Personality: weasel weasel weasel FEED weasel weasel

  • Sir Emory, Knight of the Pryde: Errant

    The Pryde is a small roving band of hyper-feudal catoids. Predatory in nature, they often form small prydes, but all answer to the king of the forest- who can't actually GET IN TO the forest, because of that Pinhead guy. So he has send out the Knights …

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