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  • Cormac von Squawk

    A noble knight from the lands of Squawk, seeking to restore his lost honour by battling the forces of evil in the land of the wicked.

  • Tommy of Stinkin

    Origin: Village of Stinkin, County of Funkin, Land of Ka Description: Speech, capable of walking upright, opposable thumbs, claws, thick brown/white fur, always hungry. Personality: weasel weasel weasel FEED weasel weasel

  • Sir Emory, Knight of the Pryde: Errant

    The Pryde is a small roving band of hyper-feudal catoids. Predatory in nature, they often form small prydes, but all answer to the king of the forest- who can't actually GET IN TO the forest, because of that Pinhead guy. So he has send out the Knights …

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