Tommy of Stinkin

Mutant Animal


Name: Tommy “the Torpedo” of Stinkin
Species: Mutant Weasel

Physical Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 12
Charisma 8

Hit Points: 57
Armor class: 7 (hide/fur)
Natural Weapon: Claws (11 hd, 3d6)

Heightened Precision; +2d all weapons
Increased Speed; x2 move, 2 attacks/rd
Absorption; Mental Blasts ( = current hp)
Genius Capability; Military: +4 to hit, +1d all weapons
Life Leech; Range 21m, drain 6 hp/rd from sentients

Increased Metabolism; Feeds constantly. In combat, must stop every 5th round to eat or suffer -1 PS and -2 hp per round thereafter.

Bow and arrows (20) Weapon class 9, 4d6
Hunting knives (2) Weapon class 2, 4d4
Hand axe (1) Weapon class 2, 4d6
Plant fiber rope (5m)
Big sack of dried meat


Origin: Village of Stinkin, County of Funkin, Land of Ka
Description: Speech, capable of walking upright, opposable thumbs, claws, thick brown/white fur, always hungry.
Personality: weasel weasel weasel FEED weasel weasel

Tommy of Stinkin

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