Sir Emory, Knight of the Pryde: Errant

Wilowisp's Mutant Puma


PS: 15
DX: 13
IN: 10 (18)
CN: 14
MS: 17
CH: 15
HP: 46
AC: 8/6

Mental Mutations:
Heightened Int x2
Epilepsy (D)
Heightened Brain Talent

Physical Mutations:
Increased Speed
Partial Carapace
Prehensile Tail

Animal Abilities
claw/claw/bite 1d6/1d6/1d6
Heightened Smell

Large Sack
Shaded Goggles
Heavy Blanket
Water Bowl
Food Bowl


The Pryde is a small roving band of hyper-feudal catoids. Predatory in nature, they often form small prydes, but all answer to the king of the forest- who can’t actually GET IN TO the forest, because of that Pinhead guy. So he has send out the Knights of the Holy Tail to discover his weakness, and give him back his lost rule (from “centuries” ago………)Sir Emory is one such Knight. No cat of the Pryde in living memory (including the King) has ever BEEN in the forest, but tales of a lost golden era are popular around the dead deer carcasses……….

Sir Emory, Knight of the Pryde: Errant

The Preternatural Pinhead of Envy Wilowisp