Gen the Young

Gen is tall and very muscular, with broad shoulders and a bronzed complexion, almost hairless. He usually has a friendly smile. When he frowns - look out!


Eastern Ka, Funkin County
Mental str 12 int 12 dex 13 cha 13 con 13 str 15

Cha bonuses- max followers 5; morale adjustment Normal; Reactio adjustment +1

49 hp

ultravision, heightened con, physical reflection, heightened strength
Cryokinesis, Mental Defenselessness and Life Leech

He’s a rather large young chap, like an overgrown 12 year old finding out about himself and his powers.


He doesn’t know where he’s from, he just wandered out of the wastelands one day? But he has strange dreams…
Gen starts with almost no memory, but dreams of strange metal birds, silver machine men, vats with naked people growing in them.
He could be a relic from the past, or maybe the facillity is still operative somewhere.

Gen the Young

The Preternatural Pinhead of Envy smon