Cormac von Squawk

Frog knight


17 Dex +2
16 Charisma +1
14 Constitution
12 Physical Strength
11 Intelligence
10 Mental Strength

Speed (two attacks, fast thinking, double movement rate),
Heightened Constitution (18 resistance to poison, +3 radiation resistance)

Frog Abilities:
Cormac can grab things with his tongue that are in a distance of 5 feet and weigh no more than half a pound.
His normal movement rate is only half the MR of a Human when walking, but quadruple a Human’s MR when froggyjumping around. He needs some space for jumping, though.

Intuition (+1 to hit, +3 damage)

81 HP
AC 9 (only shield)

Longsword (weapon class 3, damage 1-8 M/1-12 L),
Photon grenade


A noble knight from the lands of Squawk, seeking to restore his lost honour by battling the forces of evil in the land of the wicked.

Cormac von Squawk

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