The Preternatural Pinhead of Envy

Voorne's Tale


Voorne, a mutant from parts unknown (wink wink), has been captured by the F.O.E. and is being transported to a slave camp (or worse!) when a fortunate mishap occurs. As truck carrying Voorne reaches it’s destination, some incompetent FOEmen fire a rocket at an escaping weaseloid and the truck intercepts said rocket, knocking it on its side, thus freeing young Voorne. However, he has only seconds to spare as more FOEmen are on their way.

OculusOrbus: Cormac was travelling west searching for the owner of the blue arm that his friend and fellow knight Heino had found
OculusOrbus: (Cormac is Khouni)
Ashikaider: Alright
OculusOrbus: He crossed paths with (I forget what) who asked for Cormac’s assistance. His town is bing attacked by the Red Death!
OculusOrbus: Khouni, what crossed your path?
Khouni: A fly
OculusOrbus: A fly!
OculusOrbus: I really should check the game log
Khouni: A flyoid
OculusOrbus: yes
Khouni: He looked tasty to my frog
OculusOrbus: heh
OculusOrbus: As they travelled north a big shitload of gunfire and shouting erupted from the darkness and they were pinned down
Ashikaider: gotcha
Ashikaider: gunfight
OculusOrbus: Someone yelled “get down” and a big explosion went off just beyond their position
OculusOrbus: and a figure hurled over their heads. the one that yelled.
OculusOrbus: Kh, is that about right?
Ashikaider: and an explosion check
OculusOrbus: it’s at night
Khouni: Yes
OculusOrbus: if you check the map, this all happened just south of “Stinkin”
OculusOrbus: NE ka
OculusOrbus: Ka
Ashikaider: found it
OculusOrbus: okay, I think that gts us current
Ashikaider: what next?
OculusOrbus: Next is Cormac’s call. You’ll get here in a second, Ash.
Khouni: Okay
Ashikaider: fine, fine
Khouni: Of course, the valiant Sir Cormac is decidedly cool
OculusOrbus: you and the fly are in kind of a trench
Khouni: Oh, wait, phone call
OculusOrbus: lol
OculusOrbus: okay, I’ll skip to Voorne
OculusOrbus: Ash- you know you’re in some kind of vehicle.
Khouni: Shit. Ilsa.
Khouni: Sorry!
Khouni: I will make it quick
OculusOrbus: no windows, all is blackness
OculusOrbus: Okie doke
OculusOrbus: An ear-shattering explosion splits the air and the vehicle is tossed
OculusOrbus: you get tossed along with it
Ashikaider: I hang on for dear life
OculusOrbus: luckily it gets over with quickly and you realize the vehicle has been knocked on it’s side
OculusOrbus: you also realize the door has been blown open
OculusOrbus: the inside is feintly lit by the outside light
Ashikaider: I climb out making sure my sunglasses are on
OculusOrbus: heh
OculusOrbus: Before you do, you hear gunfire
OculusOrbus: some of which stirkes the truck
OculusOrbus: gotta pee brb
OculusOrbus: back
OculusOrbus: You reach for your sunglasses, but realize they’d been taken from you
OculusOrbus: along with all your other crap
Ashikaider: Not good. I look around the truck
OculusOrbus: You had a fellow passenger that didn’t fare as well as you
OculusOrbus: Dead
OculusOrbus: you also find a lock-box which certainly holds your stuff
OculusOrbus: At some point, could you give a description of Voorne?
OculusOrbus: no rush, though
Ashikaider: I try to open it
OculusOrbus: it’s locked, but you see that the body has a key ring on his belt
OculusOrbus: you also notice that your feet are shackled
OculusOrbus: correction- you are shackled
OculusOrbus: which is what saved your ass
Ashikaider: Voorne is about 5’8", dressed in simple clothes, has short dark-colored hair and has a third arm growing out of his back
OculusOrbus: the body-a guard-wears a black jumpsuit with a hood, his face covered by a black gasmask
OculusOrbus: Otherwise Voorne appears human?
Ashikaider: I go over and grab the keyring. taking my time, I then work my way through the keys to unlock the shackles and lockbox
Ashikaider: pretty much
OculusOrbus: you unlock both
OculusOrbus: there’s all your shit, waiting to be gathered up
OculusOrbus: (Khouni got a call from his doxie, so he might be a while)
Ashikaider: I take my things out of the box, and then pause to take the dead guy’s gas mask, which is put into my backpack
OculusOrbus: Ah, good call!
OculusOrbus: the whole outfit basically resembles a black biohazard suit
OculusOrbus: sort of
OculusOrbus: okay, now what?
Ashikaider: I guess I’ll take the suit as well.
Ashikaider: and it goes into the pack as well
OculusOrbus: You feel like maybe you don’t have the time for that.
OculusOrbus: There’s still a situation erupting outside the truck
Ashikaider: Once that’s taken care of, I look around the area
Ashikaider: right. looking for a place to hide
OculusOrbus: As you start to exit, a figure hurls past the door and you hear “get down!”, followed by tracers whizzing past
Ashikaider: I hit the deck
OculusOrbus: You hear an xcited xchange of dialog just nearby. SOunds like the smae voice you just head
OculusOrbus: heard
OculusOrbus: There are others right nearby
Ashikaider: I try to make my way over to them
OculusOrbus: “Here! And keep your head down!” A hand reaches out to yours and pulls you into a natural trench
Ashikaider: once I’m down, I turn to the one who assisted me and say “Thanks”
OculusOrbus: Next to you are a a frog man and a fly man. Another figure is hauling ass off into the night, presumably the same ass that ran past the truck
OculusOrbus: The frogoid introduces himself as Cormac of the Goodtown of Squawk
OculusOrbus: A knight, or so he claims
Ashikaider: “HI, I’m Voorne.”
OculusOrbus: The other introduces himself as AndrĂ©. He’s a blue-black fly-man from Stinkin
OculusOrbus: That’s about as far as I can go without Khouni
Ashikaider: That’s fine. good start
OculusOrbus: I can goa bit further
OculusOrbus: The gunfire has died down, the explosions have stopped
OculusOrbus: from off in the distance, you hear an unintelligable voice over a PA system ranting about something
Ashikaider: “What was all that about?”
OculusOrbus: AndrĂ©: “Zat is ze Friends of ze Entropiezzz. Zey are very, very bad.”
OculusOrbus: “Zey come from, how you say, ze Waste Land.”
Ashikaider: “Do they dress in black?”
OculusOrbus: “Oui, indeed zey do”
Ashikaider: “One of them had me tied up in that truck up there.”
OculusOrbus: “Oh, dread! But you manage to escape. You are verrrry lucky…man?”
Ashikaider: “Close enough. I’m just a guy, you know?”
OculusOrbus: "Oui, oui. Zere are many “juzt a guy” in zis land"
Ashikaider: “Besides, as long as I have a towel, things never look too bad.”
OculusOrbus: “Monzeur Cormac zay ’e ’elp uz, but now I zink we are too late.”
OculusOrbus: (your tavelling towel?)
Ashikaider: "We’ll never know until we findout
Ashikaider: "
Ashikaider: (Yes)
OculusOrbus: Okay, I suppose we can take a break at this point



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